The instruction has a lot of common sense and used real world examples.  No ego involved, just good information.

                                                                                                      NRA CCW 11/09/2019

The class was concise and informative, with good explanation and illustration.

                                                                                                      NRA CCW 10/11/2020

Michael was very easy going with our group. We were a mixed group of people who had some hunting knowledge and others who have never handled a gun. He was patient with all our questions. Also, Michael brought several different conceal carry and full sized handguns for the group to "get a feel" of different sizes/styles. The time passed quickly. A few weeks later, Michael took several of the group out to a range so they could fire their first gun. He had an excellent plan of starting off with a few 22 handguns eventually working up to larger calibers. While I didn't attend, my wife said he was very helpful in his instructions and each participant gained confidence in their ability to properly use a handgun should the need ever arise.

                                                                                                     NRA CCW 09/13/2020

"Excellent class!  Michael is very knowledgeable and a thorough teacher. His NRA Basic CCW covers way more than the state requires.  This is the class I would want any new gun owner to take.  My wife and I can’t wait to get more training from 541 Firearms Training."   

                                                                                             - NRA CCW 10/18/2020

"Michael has a great presentation style interlaced with humor and real life experiences. The depth of his knowledge is immediately evident in the information he presents.  He provides lots of opportunities to ask questions as well as “hands-on” time with a variety of firearms .  This was a very valuable course and more than met my expectations.  If you’re looking for firearms training, I would highly recommend Michael."

                                                                                              - NRA CCW 10/18/2020